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In response to the COVID-19 protocols, the UCSD Moores Cancer Center is more committed than ever to developing new ways to facilitate communication and collaboration within our research and training community.

Towards this goal we are building an online archive of recent and past video recordings of scientific and grand rounds lectures. This collection will expand over time. We hope you will find them useful, and if you have a program you would like to add here, please send an email to crcera@health.ucsd.edu.

Videos are posted with specific access permissions set by each program. Choose a video, enter your email address, and an access link will be sent to you if you are on the program list.

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ACCESS: UCSD and SDSU community. Please use your institutional email address for verification.Need Help?

Systemic Therapies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Adam Burgoyne, MD, PhD
Week 11

Transarterial Therapies

Jeet Minocha, MD
Week 10

Percutaneous Ablation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Zach Berman, MD
Week 8

Management of Facial Nerve Injury in Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery

Emily Funk, MD
October 2020

Management of Facial Nerve Injury in Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery

Joseph Califano, MD
October 2020

Brief History of the Surgical Microscope and the Temporal Bone Laboratory

Jeffrey Harris, MD / PhD
October 2020

Statement about access: We are mindful of the need for discretion in making many of these videos publicly available, so please be assured that these videos are posted with specific access permissions in accordance with guidelines set by each program’s leads. If you would like to view a lecture and cannot be verified, or if you have a program series on these pages and would like to update your access parameters, please email crcera@health.ucsd.edu.



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