An Introduction to Computational Cancer Modeling

For high school students

Originally developed as a two-day classroom workshop for OPTIMUS students, this program has been adapted for online instruction for all high school students over Zoom.

Participating students will receive invitations to join Zoom sessions on two consecutive days, where instructors will guide them through a brief history of computational modeling in biology and provide hands-on experience with Conway’s Game of Life, javascript, python, and Matlab. Students will come away from the sessions with a better understanding of the basic principles of computational modeling in cancer biology.

These two-day, 1.5 hour sessions will be available throughout July 2020 and are free of charge. Please contact us if you would like to register your students.

Materials and Links

Conway’s Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life Play the game!
Conway’s Game of Life on Fiddle with the code behind the game.
Other versions of Conway’s Game of Life Study Game of Life in other programming languages.
Read about Game of Life on Wikipedia
Watch an interview with John Conway


Read about Matlab
Get a trial version of Matlab

Free alternatives to Matlab:
Octave Software
Octave Online


OPTIMUS slideshow presentation


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