Biorepository Training Workshop

To address the needs of research labs, the UCSD Biorepository at the Moores Cancer Center is developing a week-long workshop that will be offered titled, “Essentials of Biospecimen Science.” The goals of the program are as follows:


· To provide the theoretical, practical and regulatory background to understand the operations of a biobank

· To encourage bilateral exchange of knowledge and skills across different groups involved in human biospecimen procurement, storage, and distribution for clinical research

· To understand some of the basics in working in animal models involving human tissues such as PDX and human cell lines

Learning Outcomes

Persons who have completed this course will:

· Understand the basic principles of biobanking.

· Understand different types of biobanks and its operational aspects.

· Understand the principles of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development and implementation

· Compare different reports on biobank risk management and mitigation.

· Question the logistical, practical and technical steps of biobanking, and evaluate their coherence and adequation.

· Validate biobank protocols, training and technology transfers.

· Analyze adequation to biobank Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the principles of certification, quality assurance and CAP accreditation.

· Master the regulatory, legal and ethical aspects of biobanking.

· Produce biobank cost analysis and recovery reports.

Prerequisite to apply for this course:

· Knowledge of biology, microbiology, social sciences, or related field, or equivalent knowledge and experience.

· Interested in basic science, clinical or translational research

· Interested in Biospecimen science and management.


We will be providing more details as the program develops. To be notified of updates including the start of the registration period, please sign up on our interest list here: 

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