Introduction to Clinical Research – CREST Summer Course

Introduction to Clinical Research – Summer Course: Bernice Ruo, MD, MAS, FACP

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The UCSD Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s CREST program is offering a SUMMER ONLY Course:  “Introduction to Clinical Research”. This course will be held once a week on Wednesday afternoons from 3-5pm at UCSD Extension: University City Center (UCC) starting July 10 to August 21, 2019. 

The course will be offered as a non-credit course. Tuition for UCSD Residents, Fellows, Faculty and Medical Students will be covered by CTRI-CREST.

Course description:

This course is an introduction to the process of clinical research, defined broadly as patient-oriented, translational, epidemiologic, comparative effectiveness, behavioral, outcomes, or health services research (i.e., any research that has individual human beings or groups of human beings as its unit of observation).
Students are exposed to overarching concepts and essential vocabulary for designing and interpreting clinical research. This is primarily accomplished by instructing students in the creation of a research protocol that is intended to address a relevant research question in their specific area of interest.
Course organization: 1 hour interactive lecture followed by 1 hour of small group discussion weekly for 7 weeks
Course goals: To introduce the process of clinical research so that students understand the concept and
vocabulary to design and interpret clinical research. To enable students to design a study to answer a
clinical research questions. To allow students to practice creating a research protocol of their own to
address a relevant research question in their specific area of interest.

Course objectives:

The objectives for this course are for participants to:
  • Acquire skills for designing and interpreting clinical research
  • Produce a 5 page clinical research protocol, including background, sampling, measurements, and data analysis


  • Possession of at least an undergraduate degree
  • An idea for a research question in clinical research that preferably has been discussed with an experienced investigator or research mentor.
  • Proficiency with word processing software, biomedical literature searching with Pubmed, and reference management software (Endnote, RefWorks or other software). 

Link to the Application

  • Application Deadline:
    The application deadline – June 14th , 2019
  • Fee Schedule:
    UCSD Residents, Post Doctorial Fellow, Fellow (including laboratory-based fellows) and Faculty, pays $0 + textbook. 
    Non-UCSD Employee pays $500 + text book.

 Teaching Faculty

Bernice Ruo, MD, MAS, FACP
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, UC San Diego

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