Oncology Postgraduate Training (OPT) Program

The Oncology Postgraduate Training Program will provide new scientific, educational, mentoring and networking opportunities for Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Scholars and Clinical Fellows in the UCSD cancer research community. The Program will host weekly meetings on Thursdays (September-May) from 4:00-5:00PM at Moores Cancer Center (Comer Commons, daily).

The goals the OPT Program are:

  1. To increase familiarity, collegiality and interaction amongst UCSD cancer researchers.
  2. To foster collaborative, innovative projects in basic and translational cancer biology, leveraging the diverse expertise and interests of UCSD cancer researchers.
  3. To provide trainees a forum in which to present their ongoing research.
  4. To educate and engage trainees on the latest developments in cancer research.
  5. To provide new extramural mentoring opportunities for trainees.

The content of the meetings will be on a 4-week rotation as follows:

Week 1: MCC Journal Club

Week 2: Research in Progress Scientific Seminar Series

Week 3: MCC Journal Club

Week 4: MCC Career Development & Mentoring Seminars

Journal Club: A member of the Training Program (Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Scholar or Clinical Fellow) will present a recent, high impact paper with broad interest to the cancer research community.

Research in Progress Scientific Seminar Series: Two members of the Training Program will each give a 20-25 minute seminar of an ongoing research project.

Career Development & Mentoring Seminar:

One or more PIs or external guest speakers will present on various career development topics. Potential topics include: obtaining a faculty position, opportunities in industry, grant writing, reviewing manuscripts, intellectual property etc.

Refreshments and food are provided at each meeting. These include water, soda, beer and pizza or snacks.

First meeting: October 3rd, 2019

We will run the program through May, 2020.


Oncology Postgraduate Training Program Steering Committee:

Leslie Crews, PhD

Partha Ray, PhD

Andrew Sharabi, MD, PhD

Robert Signer, PhD (Chair)

Dwayne Stupack, PhD


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